We posted a slideshare presentation to help understand the project management services we offer most often.  Adding to your existing staff or acting as your entire project management department we can assist with planning and permit application, pre-construction and construction administration, retail project management, program management, facility closures, site evaluations and more.  Flexible and able to step in for one site visit or to manage an entire capital program, give us a call 209-267-8090 or email contact@julienmanagement.com today.
An article about construction project management was released via SmartSheet. It covers some of the must-know basics as well as the essential principles of budgeting, organization, scheduling, conflict, and legal issues that project managers and construction managers need to know for success. Dan Julien at Julien Management was featured in the article... 
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Julien Management has been providing construction management and project management services as needed on a QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) getting ready to open in December.  The project for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is located next to the Castle Rock Factory Outlets and not too far from the towns namesake.  We took a hike on the way out of town to the top and got to see the town from a new perspective (photos below) awesome views of the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, and Pikes Peak.  We headed out of town before the site was blanketed in snow!